We understand concerns surrounding the cost of assisted living services as well as how it gets paid for, and we appreciate that. At Pine View Terrace, we’ll review with you how the billing and payment process will work prior to your admission. For now, we’ve included a brief overview of the various pay source options available to people depending on eligibility. The Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner’s Office website summarizes this information for you as well.

Private Pay – Most common form of payment in the assisted living industry. Absent coverage by any of the following methods of third party payment, we will bill you monthly for your care. Rates are on a per-month basis and are billed accordingly one month in advance. For current rates, please contact Pine View’s administrator.

Insurance – Insurance can play different roles in helping you pay for costs of short or long term care. Primarily though, it is broken down into two types: 1) Medicare Advantage Plans and 2) Long-term Care Insurance. Medicare Advantage Plans replace traditional Medicare Part A for short-term nursing home only stays, if selected by the consumer. Click here for more information on Medicare Advantage Plans. Long-term care insurance policies vary by company and structure, but serve as a means to pay for your long-term care needs privately. Generally speaking, the more costly the premiums, the better the monthly benefit amount will be, as well as how long the benefit will last. Click here for further information on long-term care insurance. Pine View Terrace works with most long-term care insurance policies. To find out if Pine View Terrace is covered under your long-term care insurance policy, please contact your insurance carrier or Pine View’s administrator.

Veteran’s Assistance – For qualifying veterans and their spouses, funds may be available to help offset the cost of assisted living services. For information on how you may qualify for this benefit, contact your county VA office. Click here for information from Jackson County’s VA office.

Medicaid – Federal and State funded program. Also known as Medical Assistance, this entitlement program has asset and income eligibility rules that vary state by state. It’s primary purpose is to fund long term care stays as deemed necessary by your physician in various settings such as a nursing home or assisted living facility. Wisconsin’s Family Care program handles the primary expenditure of Medicaid dollars through Managed Care Organizations located throughout the state. Eligibility for Medicaid services is managed through the use of Aging and Disability Resource Centers also located throughout the state. Our staff can review with you if your stay at Pine View Terrace may qualify for Medicaid coverage through Family Care. Click here for more information on Family Care.


On behalf of my mother who is resident at PVT, I want to sincerely thank you for all the kindness and care you continue to provide for her and all of the residents. I’ve heard mom say many times, Pine View Terrace is the best place for me in my sunset years. The saying is true, “if momma is happy, we’re all happy”, and she truly is happy living at the PVT. She enjoys her independent living, yet knowing someone can be by her side within minutes should she need help. Mom enjoys her cozy little apartment and continues to bake us lots of wonderful sweets in her fully operational kitchen, which was important to her when looking at assisted living facilities. Thank you for everything you do for the residents at PVT, my sisters and I can’t imagine a nicer facility or nicer staff who care for our mom!
Brenda A.

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